TEFLON® GENERAL PURPOSE LUBRICANT, 3590, 3600, 3615, 3610, 3625

Versatile, general purpose synthetic lubricant with wide operating temperature range: from -54 °C to +247 °C. Penetrates effectively into microscopically small areas. Lubricates efficiently and is very resistant to pressure. Reduces the wear and tear caused by friction between moving parts. A combination of oil and Teflon forms a protective lubricating film that effectively repels moisture .


Applications: valves, guides, sliding surfaces, copying machines and office machines, conveyors, roller tracks, locks, guide rails, tools, etc.

Product information
Article numberPackage sizePackageBatch/PCSUN-codeEAN-code
3590150/210 mlaerosol24
3600400/520 mlaerosol12
36155 ltin canister1
361010 ltin canister1
362525 ltin canister1

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