COPPER PASTE SPRAY, 5150, 5155, 5152, 5153

Non drippy, insoluble in water, assembly paste protecting against high and low temperatures seizures. Ensures protection even under extreme conditions. Copper paste consists of micro-sized copper particles that are in the synthetic lubricant, which has non-melting Bentonite grease base. Ensures the fast and easy opening of threads and seals, even if parts would have been exposed to high temperatures or corrosive conditions for a long period. Lead-free, contains no sulphur. Operating temperature range: below +1100 °C.

Product information
Article numberPackage sizePackageBatch/PCSUN-codeEAN-code
5150400/520 mlaerosol121950
5155100 gtube10
5125500 gbrush can1
51531 kgtin can1

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