CITRUS ACTIVE, 2104, 2115, 2116, 2117, 2118

As opposed to traditional degreasers, Citrus Active contains D-Limonene and other grease and dirt cleaning agents. A cleaning agent that is richer and more powerful than conventional solvent-based degreasers. Effectively removes wax, oil, grease, resin, ink, silicon, etc., as well as impurities from paint, metal and other hard surfaces. Removes adhesive, tar, bitumen, paint and sealer stains particularly well. The product evaporates away quickly and leaves no residue. Works in any position.

Applications: Parts of machines, engines, transmissions, clutches, valves, bearings, parts of chains and brakes, tools, cleaning of surfaces to be painted.

Article numberPackage sizePackageBatch/PCSUN-codeEAN-code
2104500/650 mlaerosol121950
21155 ltin canister1
211610 ltin canister1
211725 ltin canister1
2118200 lbarrel1