AT-2 PROTECTIVE AGENT AND LUBRICANT, 2900, 2910, 2920, 2925, 2930

Highly effective protective, lubricating and moisture removing agent. Protects machinery and equipment during storage. Ensures operational reliability of pneumatic tools and lubricates them effectively. Suitable for the light lubrication of machines, equipment, chains, conveyors and wires.

Features: flash point +64 °C , boiling point +200 °C, specific gravity 0.8309 5 %, salt spray test for 16 hours: no rust, coverage capacity 79m²/l, the humidity cabinet test 1200 h: no rust, protection film thickness 3.32 microns. Meets MIL-C-23411 and MIL-C-16173D requirements, grade 3. Non-volatile oils 27.9 %

Product information
Article numberPackage sizePackageBatch/PCSUN-codeEAN-code
2900400/520 mlaerosol12
29105 ltin canister1
292010 ltin canister1
292525 ltin canister1
2930200 lbarrel1

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