AT-1400 High Temperature Mounting Paste 5175

AT-1400° High temperature mounting grease is a high temperature lubricating and anti-seize spray. Product is a metal-free spray that lubricates, reduces wear, reliably separates and provides outstanding corrosion protection to most metal surfaces. AT High temperature mounting grease is ideally suited as a separating paste for stainless steel screw connections to prevent galling.

Application: Clean surfaces of all types of residues (oxide, paint and scale layers, old lubricants). Preferably mechanically (wire brush) and with cleaner, for example AT-Active.
Thin-film lubrication of loaded threads and surfaces: Apply evenly with brush, or spray on over entire surface. Do not use like a grease. After use clean the nozzle by turning the can upside down and pressing the nozzle until only propellant comes out.

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5175400/520 mlaerosol121950