ACTIVE, 2100, 2105, 2110, 2125, 2140

Highly efficient industrial grease and dirt remover. Effectively removes wax, oil, grease, resin, bitumen, ink, silicon, etc., as well as impurities from paint, metal and other hard surfaces. The product evaporates away quickly and leaves no residue. Works in any position. Does not contain acetone.


Applications: Parts of machines, engines, transmissions, clutches, valves, bearings parts of chains and brakes, tools, cleaning of surfaces to be painted.

Article numberPackage sizePackageBatch/PCSUN-codeEAN-code
2100400/520 mlaerosol121950
21055 ltin canister1
211010 ltin canister1
212525 ltin canister1
2140200 lbarrel1