Active Non-Flammamble degreaser, 2109

AT-Active Non-flammamble degreares is a highly efficient industrial degreaser. Removes and dissolves grease, burnt grease, oil, soot, resin, edhesives, sealant residue, inks, etc. Strong jet washes loose oil and grease. In objects where dirt is stubborn, wipe off with a clean, lint-free cloth. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Evaporates. quicly and leaves a clean dry surface. Can damage some sensitive plastic and rubber grades, synthetic materials and painted surfaces. Always test product before using to these materials. Use for machines, engines, bearings, brakes, assemblies, gearboxes, couplings, tools carburetors, printing machines, etc.

For Professional use only!

Best before: 18 months from date of production (see the neck of the bottle).

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