Private Label

Contract Filling and Private Label

Added value for your brand? More effective sales with new products ? Differentiate and gain competitive advantage!

Our Private Label Action serves you in multiple ways. We do private label filling of paints, cleaning compounds and lubricants etc. with customer’s own brand labels. Products can be manufactured with customer’s own raw materials or we simply develop new products together using our vast chemical background knowledge in new formulas and development. If so needed, we can help in label designing, too. Regulatory and legal information assistance we serve with pleasure, quickly and with our expertise. We have most common propellant types in use, like propane/butane, CO2 and HFC and DME.

Naturally we provide you with latest legal Material Safety Data Sheets of all products that we manufacture/pack. Our practical knowledge and experience and our latest technology service guarantee high quality products onto the market easily and flexibly. Ask also for smaller runs, we are FLEXIBLE!

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